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Mocobot develops and provides systems, solutions and man craft for the constant evolving needs of the video production. We strongly believe in transversal tools and workflows mastered from the early prep to the finishing of a film, that offers unlimited capacities to ambitious art directions. Technology brings us powerful tools for mind blowing effects, whether they’re in camera or empowered in post-production.

Test Shots

The Test Shot follows the art direction brief that might need motion control or highspeed. The test shot helps you validate the relevance of using those technologies, and gives you an idea of which applications they offer. Following your brief, we do some video tests in our studio with our tools in a few hours. Then we send you the rushes we obtained and you can decide if we work together..

Motion control preparation

Motion control Preparation is set to prepare every detail of the event, the scene or the film before the actual shooting day. Our operator works with you in the studio to design and program the shots needed. We recommend moco preparation when the project is quite ambitious and complex such as long sequence shots for example, or when the shooting has a real tight schedule with a lot of shots to do. Moco preparation allows to save a lot of time on set and to fine tune the direction. ➡︎ Use cases : César 2020 – PSG Players


PreVis goes for the 3D previsualisation of the framing of one shot or sequence. It looks like simple 3D animation to give an idea of: framing, action, rhythm and so on. This useful tool is designed by our graphists lead by the film director. It can be achieved in one day for few shots to a week for a full sequence.

High Speed

Highspeed gives the audience the ability to see our world in slow-motion. Highspeed needs specific tools like high frequency camera, powerful lights, SFX skills, and highspeed motion control if camera moves are involved. At Spline, highspeed is a know-how, we created an ecosystem in-house to control this art very finely.

Motion control

Motion control is the tool you need to unleash your creativity. The good news is, we have 2 robotic arms in-house to make effects your audience won’t forgive. Multipass, precise shot, scaled moves, highspeed, stop-motion, triggering, targeting… All combined or not, with VFX or not, effects possible are limitless. Based on your idea, we can elaborate to give you more perspective of what’s possible, adapted to your project. For one shot or a full sequence let’s brainstorm together, we love challenges!

Set Sync / Triggering

Any electronic device can be synched with another, some programming might be needed, we are used to this with all our tools. Thanks to our motion control systems, you can synchronise your camera movement with set lighting, practical effects, servo motors and computers for awesome in-camera effects.

VFX Supervision

As a good VFX shot needs to be well prepared before the shooting, our team will get in touch with your visual effect partner early in the production. We provide VFX supervision on projects that use our services. It will optimise the quality expected and ensure you a perfect harmony all along the production process of the film effects.