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Motion Controls

To create the most spectacular effect shots we use our high speed motion control robot «Mocobot». With Mocobot we can create accurate and precise camera movements that can be repeated with extreme precision in different velocities, no matter how big or small the shoot is from time-lapse to high speed, perfect for actions, tabletop, sport, and fashion. Ikari or Rei can also be mounted on 10 meter linear tracks that are just as fast and precise.


As one of the largest cinebots in the world, Rei offers filmmakers high speeds and an enormous working area. Its wingspan of over 20 feet and maximum height of almost 14 feet provide enough range to reach up and over even the largest subjects. This powerhouse cinebot breaks down limitations and gives directors unmatched versatility on set.

[ 10'1 Feet]
[ 0 Kg]
[ 7'5 Wide]


The Ikari is the best balance of reach, speed, and portability out of any robot on the market, giving you the best bang for your buck. Whether you're using it for table top in your studio or indoors with track on location, you can count on the Ikari to get the shot you need.

[ 5'9 Feet]
[ 0 Kg]
[ 3'1 Wide]


We’re giving our cinema robots more room to wiggle with track control features. It’s fast, it’s precise, and it’s sooo smooth. And since it’s included as an additional axis of the robot, its motion is perfectly synced automatically up to 4 meter per seconds. Modular sections can be added on up to 10 meters. Works for Rei and Ikari lines of robots..

[ 30 Feet]
[ 0 Kg]
[ 4'5 Wide]


Shoot products lineup faster and expand the workflow of deliveries.

Get complex shots approved ahead of time thanks to 3D Previs.

Reduce downtime on set and streamline your crew.

Quick programming allows creativity and fine-tuning on set.

System built for film works based on feedback by DOPs and Directors.

Automate your shots with FIZ control, triggering, DMX, and much more…

Get Motion Controlled Mocobot Robotic Camera Arm Rental

The Mocobot Robotic Camera Arm Rental package is a perfect element to add to your video production is you are looking to add that “Wow, factor.” This High Speed Mocobot Camera Robot Arm is programmed to precision via the Flair software interface allowing the camera rig to give you unimaginable shots every time.


Our operators are not roboticians, they are camera operators with a robotic tool. They will respect your shooting schedule and will be close to the camera, with you.